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A tech Construction – Commercial

Our experienced staff of professionals and engineers makes solar technology a profitable and long term solution for your business or organization’s energy costs

The A tech Construction, Inc. Commercial Division specializes in commercial solar project development, design and installation. We will take your project from initial feasibility and cost benefit analysis to design, product procurement and complete turn-key installation.

  • Preliminary feasibility report and financial analysis
  • Site survey
  • Detailed utility rate analysis
  • Proposal preparation and presentation
  • Project design and permitting
  • Product procurement, only tier one photovoltaic technology
  • Proven high efficiency inverter equipment
  • Financing packages for non-profits, businesses and large organizations
  • We will help you down the path to energy efficiency, cost savings, and demonstrative sustainability and environmental responsibility.
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A tech will look at your project and see what solutions may be available no matter the system size or complexity. A tech Construction can address your commercial project whether it is a non-profit entity with modest power requirements or a large manufacturing facility with substantial electrical bills. For very large or utility scale projects A tech Construction has teamed with a host of partners that bring the financing and construction clout required to execute multi Mega Watt projects. The staff of A tech Construction has years of photovoltaic experience and the relationships and business connections to bring your PV project to the most successful and profitable conclusion.

Who is a good candidate for commercial solar energy?

  • Manufacturing, Agricultural, food processing or storage companies
  • Retail, warehouse, car dealerships, or office buildings
  • Camp grounds, long term RV storage, or general storage facilities
  • Non-profit organizations, Religious organizations, HOAs,
  • Businesses that have high energy bills, especially with large demand charges
  • Businesses that own their facility, or have long term lease agreements
  • Businesses that have a tax liability and are looking for self-funding tax relief
  • Non-profit organizations that want to lower their bills and be environmentally responsible

What are the benefits of solar energy?

  • Reduced energy costs
    • Buy less energy from the utility companies at the peak (most expensive) time
    • Reduce demand charges, one of the hidden charges in your bill that is hard to control
    • Generate excess energy during peak times for high credit and buy at low off peak times; you are selling high and buying low
  • Help to manage rising energy costs over time – utility pricing is only going up; buy your energy supply now at a fixed price and enjoy it for the next 25+ years!
  • Tax credits that go right to the bottom line
    • 30% federal tax credit on total system cost
    • Accelerated depreciation that helps offset the cost of equipment over time
  • Local incentives for renewable projects at the state or Municipal level are available in many areas
  • Improved public image with green emphasis
  • Some installations include shaded parking as a benefit for customers and employees

What financing options are available?

  • Private financing – as with a car your best financial proposition is to purchase the equipment outright. We can work with your lender or provide contacts with financial institutions that are renewable energy friendly to get you a loan with favorable terms.
  • Leasing – The benefits of leasing are no up-front costs, shorter terms, and often the ability to finance smaller projects.
  • PPA – A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is where a third party owns the system, which happens to be on your roof, and you buy energy from them over time at an agreed upon price, instead of from the utility company. The third party is responsible for performance and maintenance, just like the utility company, only you know exactly what the price will be. These are usually cash flow positive in the first year.
  • PACE Financing (Property Assessed Clean Energy) – This is a program where the cost of the PV system is added to the property tax bill and paid over time. Advantages include no up- front cost, usually positive cash flow cash on cash in the first year, and the asset (and liability) is transferred to the new owner if and when you need to sell the property.

Learn more about your Financing Options.

What is the process?

  1. Contact A tech Construction for a no cost evaluation of your facility and utility costs to see if solar makes sense for you
  2. A tech Construction will provide a proposal with financing and project design options for your review
  3. A preliminary agreement is signed stipulating that if the offered financial terms are available (credit approved) the project will go forward with A tech Construction
  4. A project contract is signed and design, permitting, and product procurement commences
  5. Meetings with facility staff and construction supervisors makes sure everyone is on the same page and construction goes smoothly with minimal intrusion to the business
  6. Construction begins, final sign-off achieved, savings begins

Called many contractors for assistance in my solar install project. Aaron took the time to listen and acknowledge the scope of my project which is small in scale to most solar installs. Most of the other companies told me straight up that they are not willing to provide me service because of the small scale of the project and hung up. Aaron made a point to follow through in a very professional manner and provide me with the resources and assistance to fulfill my project. I would highly recommend Atech based on its customer service, knowledge and professionalism.

- Louis D. in Orange, CA

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