Vietnam Projects

A tech International recently opened an office in Vietnam. This office will be working on feasibility studies and development of a large project in Southern Vietnam, and is engaged with other large scale projects in the early development stages throughout the country. A tech International is also evaluating other opportunities throughout South East Asia.

Current Project in Southern Vietnam:

One of the southern Provinces and their Department of Industry and Trade have identified the need for increased power production in their province to facilitate and sustain economic growth. Their desire is to provide power from utility scale photovoltaic power plants estimated initially in total to be 1,020 MW. After preliminary survey and design it appears that the available land could support up to 1,050 MW in four sites. A tech would develop the smallest site at 20 MW first in order to get all logistical and construction factors in place. The larger sites would follow. These sites in order are:

  1. Vin My B – 20 MW – pilot plant
  2. Vinh Trach Dong – 500 MW
  3. Hoa Bin – 260 MW
  4. Hong Dan – 240 MW

Total capacity of all sites combined would be 1020 MW with a combined total annual energy generation of 1,521,033 MW hours.

vietnam energy

Other potential Projects in Vietnam:

  • 1,000 MW floating solar project north Ho Chi Minh City – This is a project feasibility study for the cost and implementation of a 10 MW pilot plant with a 1,000 MW facility to follow on a reservoir North of Ho Chi Minh. City The photovoltaic solar installation will utilize a floating racking system. A floating approach to this project would make much sense because of the vast unused open space on the reservoir. It is proposed that the project will be funded by Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).
  • Three other provinces have engaged A tech Vietnam to evaluate project potential
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